Medical examination

When training to become a pilot, you need to complete a mandatory medical examination. This is necessary to make sure you do not have any physical restrictions that might obstruct you from performing your job. This is not merely relevant to pilots, but all other aircraft personnel need to acquire an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certificate to work. At Sky Medical Center, you can make an appointment for a medical examination and receive the essential certificates on the same day.

The entire process of a medical examination

The first step when arranging a medical examination at our centre consists of providing us with all the necessary information about you. This is where we need information about your medical history and the status of your eyesight. When this is submitted, we can make an appointment for you at our centre. The medical examination (in its totality) will usually take 4 hours, which includes a visit to an eye specialist. When the examination is complete, you will often be able to get the medical certificates on the same day, which means you are ready for the next step in your growth as a pilot or cabin personnel.

A quick service to provide you the mandatory certificates

Would you like to make an appointment for a medical examination that is necessary for all aviation personnel? Then fill in the application form or get in contact with us by calling +31 (0)40 235 0103.

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