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In 2012 Sky Medical Center started when we, Ton de Moel and Marco Buijs, were trained in aviation medicine in addition to our medical profession. We are certified Aero Medical Examiners (AME) and we are connected to aviation as pilots, repatriation,- and travel doctors.

Together with our medical and office assistants and manager, Sky Medical Center Eindhoven Airport is at your service. Our team consists of expert medical specialists with a special interest in aviation. We perform EASA and FAA Aeromedical Examinations.

  • Ton de Moel

    (Gliding) flying, motor flying and the towing of gliders has been an essential part of my life since I was 15 years old. Furthermore, I have been a general practitioner in an independent medical centre in Eindhoven for many years. Thanks to my training as an Aero Medical Examiner, I can combine both passions at Sky Medical Center.

  • Marco Buijs

    As a fully trained and experienced GP and travel doctor, I have assisted repatriation flights. This experience furthered my interest within the field of Aerospace medicine. During my professional training as an Aero Medical Examiner, I was priveledged to meet my collegue Ton. This has resulted in the establishment of Sky Medical Center.

  • Louise Buijs

    I’m proud to be working at Sky Medical Center. Our team put a lot of effort to provide Medical Certificates to pilots and other flying personnel. In case of medical issues we explain the importance of correct documentation. You get through to my on the phone for an appointment or a question. See you soon at Eindhoven Airport.

  • Myrte Buijs

    In 2020 I was very pleased to join the Sky-Team. In my function as medical and office assistant I support the team by preparing the aero medical exams. I perform the medical preparation work in the examination room. I look to meeting you soon!

  • Inge du Puij

    Since 2019 I have worked at Sky Medical Center. In my profession as office and medical assistant, I support aero-medical examinations. I am enthusiastic and I like to reassure the pilots. I have also been associated with aviation as an Air Hostess for several years. I will meet you soon in our center!

  • Rachel van Neer
    Rachel van Neer HEAD of AERO MEDICAL CENTER

    I have completed my aviation medical training and work with great pleasure at Sky Medical Center. My 17 years of experience as a general practitioner combined with my enthusiasm for flying enable me to ensure you can (continue to) fly safely – in accordance with aviation medical regulations! Per the 1st of September 2022 I’m Head of the Aero Medical Center.

  • Marcel van Scheepen
    Marcel van Scheepen AERO MEDICAL EXAMINER

    A few years ago I studied aeromedical medicine and since then I have enjoyed doing medical examinations. I am at Eindhoven Airport examining different types of pilots. The challenge is to provide the pilot with correct information when there is a medical issue, so that they can fly safely with the required additional examinations and documentation. I my spare time I like to fly on my Class 2 Medical over the Netherlands!

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