Aero medical examinations

For all flight medical examinations, you may be able to visit us today! All professional and recreational pilots need a medical examination to fly an aircraft independently.

Other aviation personnel such as Cabin Crew, parachutists and drone pilots can also come to us for an aero medical examination. If you are medically approved, you will immediately receive your medical certificate which will allow you to return to the air safely.

Aero medical examination according to EASA medical requirements

The medical requirements for these flight medical examinations are set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Sky Medical Center works according to these regulations; the flight medical examiner tests whether your health poses a risk to flight safety.

What do you take to your medical examination?

When you come for a medical examination , it is important that you bring some documents with you. That way we can get started on the examination right away and you will have a medical certificate as soon as possible.

  • Your identity card or passport
  • Your current medical certificate
  • Your Flight Crew License or Cabin Crew Attestation.
  • Glasses, clear spare glasses and/or contact lenses (if applicable)
  • A recent prescription for your glasses and/or lenses
  • Medications, prescription or non-prescription (if applicable)
  • Medical documentation if treatment with a specialist (or past treatment)

Apply for an aviation medical examination

Through our website, you can easily and quickly request a flight medical examination . You can sometimes contact us the same day. Get in touch and call +31 (0)402 350 103.


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