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You can come to us for all flight medical examinations,

 both EASA and FAA!

Eindhoven Airport Medical examination

You can park for free at P2,

right next to the building.

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You will receive your Medical Certificate immediately.

All flight medical examinations,


Free parking,

Right next to the building on P2.

All EASA Class 1-2-LAPL-CC and all FAA flight medical examinations at Eindhoven Airport!

For an initial EASA Class 1-2-LAPL-CC or FAA or flight medical re-inspection, come to Sky Medical Center at Eindhoven Airport.

As a  aero medical center, we specialize in aviation medicine. The doctors at Sky Medical Center are qualified Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) and you can come to us for a variety of examinations.


That's why an initial or re-inspection at Sky Medical Center!

  • We offer all EASA and FAA flight medical examinations
  • Make appointment via website, email or phone
  • Call today, promptly examined
  • Competitive rates
  • Central location
  • Located next to Eindhoven Airport terminal
  • Free parking in front of the door
  • Fast and secure payment by PIN and credit card

Making an appointment

Contact Sky Medical Center by phone at +31 (0)40 235 0103 to schedule an appointment. We will schedule an EASA Class1-2-LAPL or FAA flight medical for you as soon as possible! Make appointment directly.

That's why Sky Medical Center!

Quick capabilities

Call now, you will be scheduled quickly. Also 'urgent' options.

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Upon re-examination, you will immediately receive
your medical certificate, if there are no medical issues


Easily accessible, located next to Eindhoven Airport terminal

Competitive rates

Competitive rates,
fast and secure payment by pin,
we accept credit cards

All inspections

Flight medical examinations; also LAPL
for drone pilots, skydivers and FAA

Quickly completed

In case of a revalidation you'll be back out after just 1 hour!


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10% Discount for flying club members!

10% discount on all Aero Medical examinations for all members of ZES, EACM, VEzc, ZVC Volkel, GLC Illustrious, EZAC, WBAC, NijAC, Midden Zeeland and ACN.