EASA class 1 medical examination

The aero medical examination class 1 (EASA class 1) is intended for applicants and holders of a commercial pilot license (CPL), multiple pilot license (MPL) or commercial pilot license (ATPL).

Meet safe medical standards

If there are no peculiarities (medical indications), the aero-medical examiner can issue the medical certificate immediately after approval. If you do not fully meet the requirements, the physician must determine (possibly in consultation with the Licensing Authority) whether you can perform the task. The medical examiner can then issue the medical certificate with a restriction. You need a medical certificate to fly a commercial or commercial aircraft independently.

How is an EASA class 1 examination conducted?

Upon arrival at the front desk we will identify you by your ID/passport, also we will scan your Medical Certificate and License, if in your possession. You will then digitally complete the request form regarding your medical physical and mental history. Additional tests, such as an ECG or audiogram, will then be performed on you. The examining physician will physically examine you. If you have or have had a condition, documentation from your specialist or primary care physician is required. Our Aero Medical Examiner will discuss with your Licensing Authority whether your condition is sufficiently stable so that flight safety is assured. If you need an interim assessment during the term of your Medical, due to reduced fitness, (see the back of your Medical), you should make an appointment with us. We charge an hourly rate of €125,- ex VAT. If there are no special circumstances (medical indications), the medical examiner can issue the medical certificate immediately after approval. The initial medical class 1 examination takes about 4 hours. You do not need to be fasten. We will arrange for your comprehensive eye examination with our optometrist prior to the examination on the same day, if possible. If you already have known medical problems, please contact us as soon as possible. So that you can be advised what documentation to bring.

EASA Class 1

EASA Class 1

€ 175 ex. VAT



€ 495 ex. vat.
*) excl extended eye exam and laboratory test CDT

Initial examination

Period of validity of Class 1 medical certificate

Class 1 medical certificates are basically valid for 12 months. The validity period becomes 6 months if:
- you are operating single-pilot commercial flights with passengers and you have reached the age of 40;
- you have reached the age of 60.

Medical certificate renewal

You can renew up to 45 days before the expiration date of the medical certificate, maintaining the expiration date.


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