Aeromedical Examinations

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All professional and recreational pilots must be certified. Also other aviation personnel such as Cabin Crew and drone pilots can count on us. If you are approved, you get your medical certificate and are cleared to fly again.

How do you become a EASA Medical Certificate?

Sky Medical Center Eindhoven performs aeromedical examinations in accordance with the European regulations. The aim is to establish during aeromedical examination if your health poses a risk to flight safety.

Whether you need an EASA Class 1 medical, a Class 2 or LAPL aviation medical you will need to compete a form about your medical history before undergoing a general physical examination, which will also involve an vision test.
If you wear glasses (or contact lenses) you will need to bring your prescription (refractive measurement). Also if you have any known medical problems, please contact us as early as possible to make sure you bring the correct documentation with you; we will then advise you if you require any further medical tests.You will be required to bring specific identification documents with you, which we will advise you about prior to your medical exam.

Your initial EASA medical Class 1 will take approximately 4 hours, including your visit to our eye-specialist for the extended eye-examination.

In most cases you will receive your EASA certification on the same day, providing no further tests are required. Additional medical tests or a review by the NL-CAA may be required in some instances. If this applies to you, we will explain the requirements to you and help you with the process.

You can contact us for initial and renewal medical examinaton:

EASA Class 1
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EASA Class 2
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EASA LAPL and Drone
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EASA Cabin Crew
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Please bring with you to the appointment:

  • Valid passport;
  • Your current Medical Certificate;
  • Your Flight Crew Licence;
  • Your glasses, spare glasses and/or contact lenses if applicable;
  • Also the most recent prescription of your glasses/contact lenses;
  • All your medication (with or without prescription), if applicable;
  • Your medical files if you see a specialist.

Aeromedical Examinations

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