Aeromedical examinations

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All professional and recreational pilots must be certified by an aeromedical examination. Also, other aviation personnel such as cabin crew and drone pilots can count on us. If you are approved after examination, you get your medical certificate the same day and you are cleared to fly.

How to complete an aeromedical examination?

Whether you need an EASA Class 1, Class 2, LAPL or Cabin Crew aeromedical certificate, first you fill out the application form about your medical history before undergoing a general physical examination, which will also involve a vision test. If you wear glasses, you need to bring your prescription. If you have any known medical problems, please contact us as early as possible. We advise you to bring the correct documentation.

Your initial EASA aeromedical Class 1 will take approximately 4 hours, including your visit to our eye-specialist for the extended eye-examination. In most cases you will receive your EASA medical certificate on the same day, providing no further tests are required. A review by the Medical Assessor of the Dutch CAA may be required in some cases.

You can contact us for an initial and renewal medical examination

Would you like to receive the necessary certification for aviation through an aeromedical examination? Get in contact with us by calling +31 (0)40 235 0103 and make an appointment for a medical examination. Whether you need a renewal or an initial aeromedical examination, we are happy to help you.

EASA Class 1
flying for commercial purposes
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EASA Class 2
recreational flying
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EASA LAPL and Drone
gliders, balloon rides, ultra-lights and drone pilots
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EASA Cabin Crew
for flight attendants and VIP cabin crew
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FAA examination
Class 1 - Class 2 - Class 3
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Sky diving examination
paratroopers or parachutits
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Please bring the following documents to your examination:

When you come for a medical examination, it is important that you bring a number of documents with you. Then we can start the examination immediately and you will be in possession of a medical certificate as soon as possible.

  • Valid passport or ID-card;
  • Your current Medical Certificate;
  • Your Flight Crew License or Cabin Crew Attestation;
  • Your glasses, clear spare glasses and/or contact lenses if applicable;
  • Also the most recent prescription of your glasses/contact lenses;
  • All your medication (with or without prescription), if applicable;
  • Your medical files if you (have) see(n) a specialist.

Aeromedical Examinations

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